How does it work?

Once you link bank account & setup your page, just share it on social media so that your followers can send Supertexts through your unique Superpage link. Get paid to your linked bank account directly. The first payout takes about 7 business days. Afterwards, your fee will be transferred to your bank account within 2-3 business days when you receive a new Supertext.

Login to your Dashboard to view, manage & respond to Supertexts. We don't like Supertext Inboxes turning the same as your social DMs or e-mails. Superpage's goal is to build a communication service uniquely crafted for influencers & their followers.

Superpage conversations automatically end when you stop sending new responses. For each new response you send, sender gets a limited number of follow up messages. So, if you think that you have answered a question or conveyed a message to the best possible extent, just stop responding(like you'd do on a casual chat) and the conversation just ends automatically.  

And ofcourse, your followers can send new Supertexts at any time ✨